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10 Nov

The Vampire facial trend was popularized when Kim Kardashian first posted a selfie on Insta! If you heard this before, but have not explored this treatment, we’re excited to share our perspective! Overall, the Vampire facial from the Best Med Spa in West Hollywood is a simple cosmetic skin procedure that boosts collagen production by using your own blood. This Plasma Platelets micro-needling technique is gaining popularity at a rapid pace and for good reason.

The Vampire facial skin treatment – how does it work?

Vampire facial treatments are termed the Plasma Platelets facial treatment, the micro-needling process. During this treatment, the Plasma Platelets is extracted from the blood which contains high growth factors. When applied to your skin it boosts the turnover rate. This is how the treatment boosts elastin production and collagen level. But why would you want this? A few known benefits:

  • Improving wrinkles & fine lines to make your skin appearance smoother
  • An improved skin texture
  • Rid acne scars effectively & quickly
  • Minimize the skin pores’ size
  • Manage skin plumpness
  • Youthful & elegant composition

This whole procedure is completely non-invasive & can be easily combined with other facial procedures. 

How is the vampire facial treatment different from dermal fillers?

The stimulating effects of collagen enhance your skin’s level of perfectness. You’ll notice the impressive glow on your skin just 24 hours after the treatment. It makes your look vibrant and gives a natural holistic approach to your skin. The best thing about Plasma Platelets and dermal filler treatment is you won’t need to feel concerned; the Plasma Platelets facelift procedure uses natural ingredients from your body. The results of Plasma Platelets treatment may vary from person to person, and more than 1 treatment may be needed – it can be repeated for deeper effectiveness. You can visit the Best Med Spa in West Hollywood to receive natural and holistic results.

Depending on age, the effect of Plasma Platelets treatment will last about 6 to 12 months. If you maintain the lifestyle and follow all the rules suggested by your expert, you can increase this period! It’s never never too late to take care of your skin from the Best Med Spa in West Hollywood. Dig deeper and learn more, meet with medical experts. This facial treatment is a revolutionary way to prolong skin texture & glow.

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