IV Infusions

IV Therapy in Los Angeles

Dr Refresh offered the best vitamin IV infusions in Los Angeles. Our infusions focus on immune boosting, increasing energy, releaving hangovers and DNA repair.  Book online or come in as see us now:

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Hair of the Dog

Hung Over? Search no further. This blend includes fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and glutathione to detoxify your body and kiss that hangover good bye. You will feel like you never even went out drinking.

Invincibility Shield

The best defense is a strong offense. If you are getting sick, are sick, taking a trip or just returning from one, this infusion is for you. Combining fluids, vitamins, and glutathione to supercharge your immune system.

Rocket Fuel Energy Boost

Low energy? Not anymore. This IV contains a blend of fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and energy packed amino acids designed to take you to the next level. Think Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

The Rehab NAD

NAD is the most cutting edge infusion we offer. NAD is a coenzyme naturally produced with the body that is associated with anti aging and addiction detoxification. So if you are trying to stay young forever or kick any bad substances this is the blend for you.