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18 Sep

We all want a bright and healthy-looking skin regardless of our age, a task that proves to be easier in our young days. But as we grow older, our skin, like all the other organs, demands more attention and care. Some measures are necessary for keeping juvenile skin, like topical treatments, which involves applying a variety of moisturizers, hydrating creams, exfoliating preparations, and protecting sunscreens.

Out of all the skincare resolution, one is often overlooked. Tha facial lymphatic drainage massage is a chief gadget well appreciated by professional facialists. In a good skincare session, the facial massage gives immediate apparent results, giving your visage the neatly tight and revitalized appearance.

Looking after your skin also involves treating the issues beyond the surface. A lymphatic facial massage addresses the foundations of the skin. It corrects the profound layer issues which translate into a flawless and tidy facet.

A lymphatic facial is a renowned treatment that has been used around for decades. Previously as massage therapy for a condition called lymphedema. Due to its effectiveness in reducing puffiness and swelling, the facial lymphatic massage became a heated beauty trend, admittedly wielded by many celebrities.

In this article, we will walk you through the perks of having a facial lymphatic massage to the skin and its benefits on the overall health.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymph circulation is part of the immune system. Lymph is a clear yellowish liquid that plays a key role in infection control and resistance inside the body. Lymphatic fluid stems from the free liquid between cells. It filtrates into small vessels called the lymphatic network. The fluid is carried into multiple immune system checkpoints called the lymph nodes, which are bean-like organs located as clusters throughout the body. The lymph nodes contain a marshall of white blood cells that control the flow for bacterias or intruders.

You have twice the number of lymphatic vessels as blood vessels in your body. However, unlike blood which is pumped around by the heart, the lymph flow depends on muscle contraction, and pressure from surrounding tissue to move forwards. Thus, you may have noticed that when you sit around for too long, your feet get slightly swollen. That is because the lymphatic flow can easily come to a halt whenever you stop moving. Resulting in lymph stagnation and a build-up of edema with puffiness.

the main functions of lymphatic flow are resumed in the following points:

  • it carries out nutrients and oxygen to the cells
  • it circulates white blood cells (the infection and bacteria-fighting cells)
  • along the way, the lymph flow flushes toxins and waste from the cells.

Lymphodema occurs when the lymph fluid builds up underneath the skin. Often from a barrier blocking its way. As the lymph fluid accumulates in the tissue, puffiness and swelling become prominent and visible. The lymphodema most often occurs in an arm or leg due to damage caused to the draining system either by radiation therapy of cancer, trauma, infection, etc.

Lymphatic drainage massage is performed by expert health professionals or aestheticians who have undergone thorough training regarding the lymph system.  Despite the appealing headlines you find in magazines and the internet’s claiming that you can do the lymphatic massage at home on your own, you are better off seeking the help of an expert.

The health benefits of a facial lymphatic drainage

a lymphatic massage consists of applying gentle pressure and strokes to enhance the stream of lymph. Using palms and fingers in circular and linear movements, the skin is stretched in certain directions, following the trail of lymph vessels. The gentle pushing relieves potential hurdles in the way of lymph flow.

A facial massage removes sluggish circulation, eliminates puffiness and edema, and tightens up the facial features.

here are the four major benefits of a facial lymph massage:

  • promotes healing: a massage enhances the circulation of lymph around the body. When traveling within tissues, the lymph dislodges and flushes toxic wastes from cells, driving it to the lymph nodes where the toxins are disposed of. By removing toxins from the skin cells the inflammation resolves, oxygen and nutrients delivery improve, and boosting skin regenerative ability ensues.
  • Reducing puffiness and blotch: edema and swelling of the face give a botched appearance, one that accentuates face lines and makes you look tired. Unlike other skin problems, a swell cannot be corrected with a cream or a mask. The most efficient treatment is a face massage that will freshen up your skin and lift the tired expressions. Your facialist will first apply gentle pressure to disperse the edema within a wide area. The excessive fluid will be then driven into draining passages. Pumping movements aligned with lymph vessels will flush the toxins and accumulated fluids into the lymph nodes where they are removed.
  • Deep cleanse: when the massage is carried in conjunction with topical cleaning and exfoliating products, the lymph massage becomes a potent skin cleaning asset. Dead cells and pollutants will be removed from both the skin surface by the exfoliating products and the inner layer by the enhanced blood circulation.
  • Relaxation and wellbeing: the delight of a good massage reaches beyond the physical benefits. It is a stress and anxiety-relieving asset. The rhythmic soft pressure evicts the long accumulating muscle tension.

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