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26 Sep

The Miracles N.A.D. does in your body: Benefits of NAD

Our body needs continuous supply of energy to regulate many cellular processes which are pivotal for life.  The cellular processes include maintenance of cellular health, healing of skin & brain cells, repairing of damaged DNA and much more.

One such compound is “Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide” which assists all these vital cellular processes. NAD is found in almost every type of the cell where it performs various functions to provide energy to the cells.

One of the major functions of NAD is to turn off the genes that regulate the process of aging. Aging is a natural phenomenon that occurs in all human beings. NAD helps to reduce aging inside your body (1)

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A Short History of NAD:

NAD was discovered in 1906 by Sir Arthur Harden & William John Young during fermentation. They discovered that two nucleotides combine together to form NAD. They also demonstrated that fermentation process was dependent on NAD.

Arthur Kornberg discovered the enzyme, NAD synthetase, which makes up NAD. Since then, many scientists keenly discovered what wonders NAD could do in our body.

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Functions of NAD:

NAD is a very important coenzyme because:

  • NAD provides energy to the body
  • Repairs damaged cells as well as damaged DNA
  • Boosts up our immune system
  • Maintains circadian rhythms
  • Regulates the functions of brain cells
  • Supports healthy metabolism
  • Acts as an anti-aging agent
  • Regulates the functions of many organs such as liver function.

How does NAD work?

In a very simple way, NAD works as a waiter, whose duty is to pick up an electron from on table and to drop it on another table. NAD has an oxidized form, which grabs an electron and becomes NADH.

NADH then donates or loses its electron and again, it is converted to NAD. This is how our enzymes work because of this shuffling of electrons. The enzymes then regulate our body’s reactions, keeping our cells and body healthy and fit.

Benefits of NAD:

  1. Regulates Healthy Aging:  A protein called sirtuin, is involved in age-related processes. It protects the decline in aging. Sirtuin proteins are made up of NAD so that they can work efficiently.

But researchers say that NAD levels also decline with age. CD-38 helps maintain the levels of NAD by destroying the excessive amount of NAD. This is a good thing for our body because excess of everything is bad. As we get older, CD-38 destroys more amounts of NAD (2).

  1. Makes you Stress free: NAD is also called as a stress reliever because it prevents our brain cells from being stressed. Researchers also conducted an experiment on rat brain cells and kept them in oxidative stress. They added NAD to cell culture. They were able to conclude that NAD treated cells were more protected from stress.
  1. Repairs DNA: Sometimes, our DNA becomes damaged due to increased exposure to sun. But NAD helps to repair it by adding a negative charge on the damaged sites of DNA. DNA takes up NAD supplies to help restore its structure until it is completely repaired (3).
  1. Increases our ability to sleep & eat: Our circadian rhythm is also maintained by NAD. In this regard, hunger processes and sleep cycles are mediated by NAD. Circadian rhythm works by supply of NAD is available. In a research conducted on rodents, the researchers concluded that NAD regulates hunger hormones (4).

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What is NAD+IV Therapy?

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Health issues are everywhere in the world. People suffer from age-related diseases or sometimes dealing with stress and anxiety.

NAD exists in two forms in our body: NAD+ and NADH. Our concern is NAD+ which is a natural coenzyme, existing in our body. When NAD+ levels decrease in our body, it can lead to many conditions. Different people react different in case of NAD+ decline. Some people overreact but some people consume alcohol.

Decline in NAD+ levels can lead to serious health issues for example aging, brain disorders and heart diseases.

NAD + IV therapy works to maintain and restore NAD levels in our body, thereby releasing stress and anxiety from our body.

How does it work?

NAD therapy works through intravenous infusions. When NAD is taken intravenously, it reaches to the cells of body efficiently. In this way, our body heals more quickly and works in a more efficient way. As compared to other medications, NAD therapy reaches exactly to the body cells. Medications become lost somewhere in the digestive system and cannot help the body in providing NAD. NAD is directly infused in the bloodstream in a safer way.

This therapy provides more alertness and relaxes our body. This is how it provides wonders to our body, brain, DNA and cells.

Benefits of NAD+ IV Therapy:

  1. Promotes Brain Function: If our brain does not function, cognitive decline occurs which has a great impact on aging. Decline in NAD levels result in loss of brain functions. NAD therapy regulates the biogenesis of mitochondria which results in proper functioning of neurons and increases memory. NAD therapy also deals with the mood swings.
  1. Slows down the process of Aging: our process of aging is controlled by sirtuin which are regulated by NAD levels. If NAD levels are present in low concentrations, they will not start up the sirtuins as a result of which our process of aging increases. NAD therapy helps to switch off the genes and decline the process of aging.
  1. Kicks out Alcohol Addiction: When we stop taking alcohol, it is difficult for our body to get rid of such addiction. NAD therapy helps in the withdrawal of drugs. This therapy is safe and provides no side effects.
  1. Helps in the Regeneration of cells: if there is a decline in the production of NAD, wounds and injuries will not heal on time because of poor immune system. NAD therapy helps boost up the immune system and produces more NAD along with ATP. Both ATPa nd NAD will thus helps in better wound healing.

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N.A.D. The Miracles N.A.D. does in your body.