Plasma Under Eye Injections

Platelet Plasma injections are recommended for faces that appear drawn, to soften below eye puffiness, enhance the overall skin tone, texture and tightness and seal skin areas where fillers are not able to reach. Platelet Plasma injections are a natural way to get lasting results for under your eyes.

Look years younger with this this all-natural procedure, which uses your body’s own blood and healing system to boost collagen production and increase circulation.

You’ll notice visibly reduced puffiness and dark circles.

This injection treatment can be combined with other stimulating rejuvenation procedures like microneedling to give superior results for treating fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne scarring.

The time needed for Plasma Platelets under-eye treatments is ~30 minutes from the preparation of the face to the end of the patient’s appointment. This allows patients to have their treatments done quickly during their lunch hour; even the busiest of patients can obtain quick results!

  • – After treatment, you’re encouraged to avoid touching the injection site for the next 24 hours and avoid taking Aspirin for pain relief as it can lead to complications.
  • – Patients should also avoid alcohol, exfoliation, and massage for approximately 72 hours after their procedure has been performed.
  • – Icing the area and sleeping with the head elevated are also recommendations from providers to reduce swelling.


Following these aftercare instructions can significantly reduce the risk of any complications or problems arising from the procedure.

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